Hello World

So I decided to start a blog, which is quite scary but oh well I will soldier on. As I was saying earlier, I decided to start a blog cause I like writing (I find it therapeutic but fear not, I shall not make this blog my diary) and I have a lot of embarrassing and very entertaining stories to share and when you are done reading my posts, you will know that at least you are street smarter than one person in the world (street smart cos I am very book smart if I do say so myself).

By this point, you are probably wondering why the domain name, well I am a Nigerian girl who has been described as odd quite a few times so I just decided to go with it. So how would I describe myself……….. I am an amateur (and by that I mean baby) photographer with a huge interest in black and white photography, I love watching TV, my favourite TV show right now is Game of Thrones (who doesn’t love GoT), Marco Polo from Netflix is close second and then Generation War (it is a German TV Show that focuses on WWII). My favourite TV Show ever is Rome from HBO; I just love that show and my favourite character in it was Atia of the Julia. She was scheming and convening (almost like a mix of Littlefinger and Varys) and just a joy to watch. Her character did do some very awful things but I still found her very interesting.

As you have probably guessed by now, I like any kind of historical drama well except Spartacus and no it is not because of the nudity and sex scenes. The reason I dislike it is actually very superficial; I didn’t like the fact that the blood looked liked PS3 graphics for God of War.  I just recently started watching Chinese and Korean historical dramas, they are nice but there is always a love triangle. It is not a huge turnoff, just a minor irritation. My favourite anime is now Attack on Titan, it is used to Naruto but Naruto (the character) just became a preacher and the fight scenes were not as good and the most annoying thing, nobody died in Naruto, they always found a way to bring them back which was very very frustrating.

I am a massive Harry Potter Fan. When the last movie was released, I almost cried (just a little though) and the release date of the movie also made it quite significant. It came out my last year of secondary school, and I felt that it signified” Childhood’s end” for me. It was telling me to grow up (which I am yet to do).

Foods I love, I love ice cream (I bet you can tell from my picture), fried plantain,chips aka french fries, jollof rice, fried rice, samosa, Mr. Biggs meat pie (I know, very specific) Indomie onion flavour, yam porridge, ogbono soup, vegetable soup, okra soup and I like all the shallows but I prefer eba because it is the easiest to make (I’m lazy like that).

I am going to stop my rambling here but I hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you



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