Lemme give you guys some background about where I live. I study in Turkey but I am currently living in Germany for a year as an exchange student. When I tell people (well, mostly Nigerians) that I live in Germany, they always ask me about the racism. They think the racism here is so rampant because of the history of Nazis. Even I was a bit scared of the racism here, I almost turned down this opportunity cos I was worried about the potential racism. I personally (emphasis on the word personally) have not experienced racism in Germany. Now, that is not to say that racism does not exist in Germany or that people who say they have experienced racism are lying but that is a topic for another day.

Back to the gist of this post. So one night, I was chilling in my apartment (not nearly as luxurious as I am making it sound, but dream with me) and I wanted to drink coke (I am addicted to coke) with my rice and stew ; drinking coke while eating rice is a very Nigerian thing. I decided to go buy the coke while the rice was cooking to save time because, at this point, I was very very hungry. The corner store where I was going to buy the coke from is 3 minutes away from my building so I was not worried about the rice burning.  So I put the rice on the cooker and went out to buy the coke. Upon my return to my building, I realised that I had indeed forgotten my keys in my room (insert stupid face emoji). It was really cold outside so I buzzed one of my neighbours to let me in. When I entered the building I was so scared that I was going to set my building on fire and get arrested and have to pay a fine or spend 2 years in prison (as you can tell, I have a very active imagination). I cannot speak German fluently so I asked one of my neighbours to help me call the firefighters to come help me open the door so I can prevent the building from burning down. Apparently, that is not part of the firefighter’s job description so I had to call a locksmith. My neighbours told me to wait and try to open the door through other means but because my electric cooker was on, so I did not want to wait.

So we called the locksmith and they gave me an estimate of what I was going to pay (around 200 Euro) and that I had to wait 90 mins till they arrive, I did not mind the price because at this point I was trying not be an arsonist but the 90 minutes wait was not good enough for me cause I did not want to spend 2 years in prison. While we were waiting for the locksmith, I finished my coke (nervous drinking) and my neighbours continued trying to open the door with paper cards and plastics. After 20 mins of trying, the door was finally opened (mentally dancing ‘shoki), we tried to call the locksmith to tell them not to bother coming but there was no answer so I thought I was off the hook and they were not going to come. 30 mins later, my doorbell rang and it was the locksmith and even though he did not lift a finger to open my door, I still had to pay 185 Euro (probably for their petrol). I did feel so stupid for forgetting my key but yeah everybody makes mistakes.

The rice did burn a lot and my room smelled like burnt rice and I was quite difficult to sleep that night but the next day, I was on a bus to Hamburg, where I stayed for 2 nights and when I returned, the odour was not as strong (naturally). I did tell you that my stories will make you feel smarter oh and I shall talk about my trip to Hamburg in another blog.

Bye Beautiful People


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