I cannot wait for the 25th of April because I am so excited for the new season of Game of Thrones (GoT) (insert dance emoji). This is the season that I have most looked forward to because the events in this season occur after “Dance of Dragons” which is the 5th book in the song of ice and fire series. The sixth book has not been released yet (Mr. Martin please free us from our misery), so I am going into this season blind. I read all 5 books after I watched the 1st season of GoT (I was going through withdrawal so I had a fix) so I knew what was going to happen in the series (I had to mourn Rob Stark twice-sobs loudly). The series did start to depart from the books last season but I had a general idea of what was going to happen. Another reason why I’m so looking forward to the next season is because this season we are going to witness “The Revenge of the Starks”. I love a good revenge story (I mean, who doesn’t), and it is about time the starks got to killing all those who betrayed them (for the record, I am against violence in real life). I heard that Sansa will be the instrument of the revenge i.e this will be the one to plan and plot the revenge (all her time with little finger paid off I guess). I will try to review GoT season 6 even though I have never done a review before, but it is basically just giving your opinion which I am quite good at.

Another TV Show I am eagerly waiting for is the Marco Polo Season 2, but it is still very (Ok, not very) far away (Premiere on the 1st of July). The 2nd season is due for a release 18 months after the 1st season, 18 months is a really really long time, and there were no trailers or teasers to keeping the longing abate. Ok, the 100 eyes special was released in December 2015 but still, the wait for the 2nd season was too long. I hope the showrunners make it up to the fans by giving us 15 episodes this season. I will also try to review this show.

Finally, I was supposed to be 5 episodes into the 2nd season of Attack on Titan by now, but alas the season premiere has been postponed to God knows when and the manga is released monthly but that is not enough for the fans. I am ahead in the story but I want the see all the awesomeness of Levi and Mikasa in animation (not as fulfilling in the manga). There is one particular scene involving Levi and the Military Police that is going to be so badass in animation. These are the things that I am most looking forward this year.

Thank you for reading.


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