German Diaries

One of the FAQs I get when I tell Nigerians that I live in Germany is about beer (the most popular question I get is about racism as I mentioned in an earlier post). It is widely believed that Germany produces some of the best beer in the world. I do not drink beer in fact I will go as far as to say that I hate beer. I have tasted the famous brands in Nigeria; Guinness, Star, Heineken, and Gulder which is how I know that I am not a beer person at all.

I do drink alcohol. I am a wine girl, red or white, it makes no difference to me; I drink them all. I do also love alcopops (drinks like Snapp-which I think is a Nigerian brand).  I just recently had tequila;chocolate flavoured tequila to be more specific and it was really really good. I always thought tequila would be sour because, in the movies, people always make weird faces and sometimes shake their heads when they drink it (which is what I do when I eat or drink something sour-projecting much). I have not tried brown liquor either because I am a broke student but hopefully one day I will be able to afford them. PS: I would rather spend my money on bags.

So I decided to try the world renowned German beer to see if it would change my opinion about beer.Here is the verdict:

I do not like beer here or there,

I do not like beer in Germany or Nigeria,

I do not like beer at all

(see what I did there……)


Have a lovely day

Note: Since initially publishing this post, I have been to Munich which supposedly produces the best beer in Germany and I find Munich Beer or München Bier (as we say in German) to be drinkable. Wine is however still my preferred choice of alcohol.


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