Since I have a visa that allows me to travel freely around Europe but apparently does not allow me to transit in the UK (rolling my eyes), I decided to travel to some cities in Europe. Initially, I planned on travelling to 11 cities but now I have been hit with a strong dose of reality and have reduced that number to 5 (maybe 7, depending on my future financial status). The cities I decided to visit are Amsterdam, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Potsdam, Rome, and Vienna. I narrowed it down to these cities based on what I actually wanted to see and experience. So far I have been to only Amsterdam, Dresden, Hamburg, Potsdam, and Munich; Dresden and Potsdam trips were organised by my host institution. To save cost, I decided to plan my trips like excursions. So I take the night bus to my destination, arrive there in the morning, freshen up and then head to the meeting place of the free tour that I booked. After enjoying the free tour, I then head to a specific location that I really want to see and just roam around the city until I have to go to the bus station to return home. So far, it has been working out perfectly.


Amsterdam Centraal


In Amsterdam, I wanted to see the canals and just experience the free spirit of the city. In Munich, I wanted to see the Allianz Arena and try the famous Munich Beer. In Paris, I really want to see the Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.In Rome, I want to see the Colosseum and because my favourite TV Show ever is Rome, I want to go to the city that the show is based on and in Vienna, I want to see the world famous Vienna Opera House.


Madame Tussad Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a very cool city and it also helped that the day I was in Amsterdam, the weather was very beautiful. After exiting the bus, I went to the bathroom to freshen up and all and then after that I had breakfast in the bus station. After breaking my fast, I headed to the Centraal (this is not a spelling error) Station. In the Centraal Station, there was free Wifi (insert dancing emoji) so I was able to find my way to the tour meeting point. The tour started at 10:30 am and lasted about 3 hours (it was a walking tour so my ankles were dying). The tour was very interesting, some of the notable places we visited were Anne Frank House, Rembrandt House, the red light district and other important places. I did not go inside the Anne Frank and Rembrandt houses because the queues were very long and my ankles could not handle it.


Tour Stop: 1st condom store in the world


After the tour ended, I had lunch. After lunch I had a tour of my own, I went to the Museum Quarter and to the Heineken Brewery. I saw the Rijk and Van Gogh Museums but I did not enter them because Museums are really really expensive to visit but I did, however, visit the Rijk Museum Garden which is free to the public. I did take a picture with the “I amsterdam” sign which is behind the Rijk Museum. I am really glad I went to Amsterdam even though I did not enter the museums, I got to experience the city. When I become more financially stable and visit Amsterdam again, I will get to visit the museums and houses that I could not visit this time around.


Compulsory Tulip photo in Amsterdam


Before anyone asks, I did not smoke weed in Amsterdam because I was travelling alone and there was no one to help me get back to Berlin if I got high, besides, weed is not my thing, I prefer wine.



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