After I returned to Cottbus from Munich, I spent one night at home and was on a bus to Vienna the following night. I arrived in Vienna in the morning. I arrived in Vienna on Whit Monday aka Pentecost Monday (it is a public holiday in most European Countries). Vienna was a bit chilly, thankfully, I checked the weather and this time around, I wore a pair of tights underneath my jeans. I freshened up in the bus station and used their free Wi-Fi for a while and after that, I took the Underground to the city centre. I stopped at the Stephansplatz (St Stephen’s Square) Station.

In Vienna, I did not book a free tour because I did not find any so I was my own tour guide. I  really did enjoy it; I moved at my own pace and whenever I was tired, I could sit down. That is one of the things that I love about Vienna, there are so many parks and places where one can sit and take a break. I felt very accomplished for navigating myself through Vienna without Wi-Fi. I used an app called MAPS.ME. I highly recommend the app for anyone who is planning on travelling to another country without incurring ridiculous roaming charges or buying a new sim card for just a couple of days. Paper maps are also a good alternative to Wi-Fi navigation, but in some cities, the city maps are free while in others, they are sold for 1 to 2 Euros. I was used to using Google maps with Wi-Fi or data and so it took me a minute (a few minutes to be honest) to get used to the old school maps (turns out map reading in geography was not a waste at all).

The most notable places I visited were Parliament, Rathaus, Votivkirche (Votive Church), St Stephen’s Cathedral, Albertina, Hofburg, Sigmund Freund Museum, Spanish Riding School, Museums Quarter and the state opera. The St Stephen’s Cathedral and Vienna Rathaus (Town Hall) are the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen in my entire life. Vienna has very beautiful architecture. I did not see the interior of the town hall because it was a public holiday but I did see the interior of the St Stephen’s Cathedral and it was just as beautiful as the exterior. Unfortunately, due to the weather (it was rainy) and my inability to quickly grasp map reading, I missed the last time slot for the tour of the opera house. Hey, at least now I have a reason to visit Vienna again.

While it was raining, I decided to have lunch. After my lunch, I continued my one-woman tour of Vienna and at this point, I had fully grasped map reading. It was much easier for me to find my way around the city. After I finished my tour, I headed back to the bus where I waited for my bus. Vienna is a really fun city; it is a really calm city (maybe it was calm because it was a public holiday). I really enjoyed Vienna and my journey gave me a new sense of confidence.



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