The Gods Are Not to Blame

The alternative title of this post is “Why I stopped praying for Nigeria.” (in case I get sued for the title). I think all Nigerian Children read this play at one point and if they didn’t, it was adapted as a super story season, back when super story was very popular. I thought this title accurately represents the current situation in Nigeria; we all know what is wrong with this country and how to fix it but no one wants to step up and do it. Nigerians are so resigned to our fate that nothing the politicians do will shock us out of apathy. Prayer is how we tell ourselves we have not given up when we have in fact given up. I believe that God gave humans brains so that we could solve our problems; no angel is going to come down from heaven and fight for us. We have the capacity to solve most of our problems on our own but yet we do not.

For those who are still reading, I came to this realisation after I visited the Abuja residence (cause we know they have like 10 houses) of a former state governor then turned senator (I feel that is the natural progression in Nigerian politics now- Governor to Minister or Senator). I visited the house with a family member who is involved in politics; I was tired of staying at home and just wanted to go out so I decided to tag along. While we were waiting for an audience with the politician, we were invited to join his wife’s prayer session and so we did. During the prayers, she had a prayer for Nigeria; she prayed for corruption to end in Nigeria. That was when I stopped praying; the hypocrisy of this woman shocked me. Dear Madam, your husband was once a state governor and during his tenure, he redirected millions of state money, owing civil servants their salary (I know this because he was the former governor of my state) and you have the audacity to pray for Nigeria, are you not afraid of God? I mean, that is like stealing meat from a pot and then praying for thunder to strike the meat thief. Let us not deceive ourselves, this woman is aware of her husband’s illegal activities.

Now, I am not saying prayer will not help Nigeria, I am saying that prayer without action will have no result. I am going to use writing an exam as an example; if a student does not study for an exam but only prays to pass the exam, the student is going to fail that exam regardless of how many hours they prayed to pass and the same can be said for Nigeria. The next time anybody decides to pray for Nigeria to get better, I hope they couple it will sensible actions that will make the country better.


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