Guys, let me explain why I haven’t posted anything in a while. I was busy last month with presentations, papers and exams so I didn’t have time or energy to write, edit and post anything and (time to be honest) the most significant reason why I didn’t post anything last month was that (drum roll) I subscribed to Netflix. The second season of Marco Polo came out last month so I subscribed to Netflix to watch it and guys and I loved it so much. I forgot how good looking everyone on that show was. Netflix just took up most of my time. Marco Polo was not the only show I watched; I watched both seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, Narcos and so much more. Thankfully, I had enough self-control to study for my exams.

My Erasmus Study year is officially over now but I will not be returning to Turkey until September. The year was fun and I got to learn so much about myself. I learnt how capable I am; I mean I travelled to several cities alone. I never thought I would be able to do that. When I was in America last summer, I cancelled my plans to travel to some cities because I didn’t have a travel buddy and I was scared. I realise now that the only reason I need a travel buddy is to take pictures of me (self-absorbed much) but I don’t even like other people taking pictures of me soooooo. Also, I made my way around cities where majority of the inhabitants do not speak English so why was I scared of travelling in the US alone????????? I guess you never know what you are capable of until you try.

I another thing I found out about myself during the study year was that I am an unapologetic homebody. I don’t like to go out unless I have something to do; I never rarely (rarely is the more accurate word) go out just cause, I need a specific reason or goal. I used to try to change that about myself but I have accepted it and I want my family and acquaintances to accept it as well. I do love travelling and visiting new places, though.

Upon my return to my home institution (look at my fancy Shakespeare writing), I will be a final year student so I have started preparing to apply for a Masters Program. Most institutions (if not all) require students from Nigeria and other African countries to write TOEFL or other English Language tests. I chose to write TOEFL: it cost 250 US Dollars to register and the result is only valid for just 2 years. So, even though I have been speaking English my whole life and even speak it better than my mother tongue, I still need to prove that I can learn in English (talk about third world problems). Writing is my weakest area in English and my secondary school English teacher told me I was a bad writer and made no effort to try to help me improve my writing skills (yeah, not a very motivational teacher) but I did very well in that area (I scored 111/120 in case anyone was wondering).

This blog post is just a mini life update. I will strive to post more frequently this month.


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