Is Rickon going to die????????

Hello People

So I said I was going to try to review the new season of game of thrones and I have not done that yet because the season’s pace is very slow (and kind of boring tbh) and I did not see the need for a weekly review.However,a scene in the latest episode (episode 3) made me want to rant and cry;So Rickon was captured by a house that is seemingly loyal to the Boltons (I say seemingly because I hope that this is a trap) and then he is given to Ramsay Bolton as a gift (which basically means he is going to die).I was upset by the scene and it is all I can think about. The first reason why that scene upset me so much is because the house that captures Rickon are loyal to the Starks in the books for now at least (cos you never in the Kingdom of Westeros-yes I am pointing to at you Walder Frey). Another reason why I was so upset is because I think the Starks have suffered enough already. I mean, in the entire world of the show, I don’t think any other house has gone through as much suffering as they have. I thought that there would no more death in the family and that this season we will get to see them exact their revenge on all those who betrayed them (well except onTheon, who has redeemed himself).I just hope that there is a twist; maybe that Rickon is an impostor (Osha looked very relaxed considering the situation that they are in,I know I am reaching but what can I do).

So if the Umbers do not set Ramsay up like I am hoping, then maybe Bran will warg into one of Rickon’s guards (I am not sure if proximity is a hindrance to warging) and help set him free or Bran will send a message to Jon about Rickon’s captivity thereby prompting Jon to take a group of elite stealth fighters to go rescue Rickon. I am just coming up with theories because I cannot handle Rickon dying or becoming Ramsay’s new Reek and if any of the above does occur, I will revolt against the TV show. This season so far has really been a drab for me. For the past seasons of GoT, I always paid full attention during the episodes. However for this season,so far none of the episodes have been able to fully capture my attention and hold it for 60 mins.

I also have to talk about the Tower of Joy; I am so tired of the teasing, I mean can we get to the truth already. Did Rheagar Targaryen capture Lyanna Stark or did they run away together because they were in love? I have been waiting for  years to know what actually happened. I personally think that she was captured by the prince. My theory is that the prince had a grotesque sense of entitlement because he was a prince and very good looking from various accounts and he tried to woo Lyanna but she rejected his advances;his fragile male ego couldn’t handle it because he had never been rejected before and so he kidnapped her to show her that he was the “boss”. I think many people came up with the theory that they were in love because Rheagar was described as handsome, chivalrous and all other knightly adjectives and so people do not want to accept that he could be a rapist.  It has been scientifically proven that people do not associate negative actions with beautiful people; they are given the benefit of the doubt.Another reason why people would reject Rheagar being a rapist is because he is always described as gentle mannered and kind by people that were close to him. This does not prove anything because people can hide their true nature from even those closest to them; I mean how many times have we heard that someone committed a crime and those close to them say the criminal was gentle mannered and so on. I think sometimes people forget that people do not have to mean for them to be hateful. Whichever theory is right I just want to know already. I also just want a confirmation about R+L=J theory. I also have doubts about this theory but it could be true. I just want everything to be clarified.

Have a nice day